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Baseball Chelsea offers an amateur baseball program for boys and girls aged 4-15. All skill levels are welcome, no previous playing experience is necessary.  

Baseball Chelsea is a volunteer run organization led by people in our community. We are committed to the values of teamwork, fair play, and fun.  We promote community engagement and participation in baseball among residents of Chelsea.  We work to support the development of baseball skills to the maximum of each player’s ability and to build self-esteem and confidence through participation and social interaction.  We are a member of Baseball Quebec, allowing us to offer competitive play with other affiliated baseball associations.

Our Field

The Russell Martin Baseball Field is home to the Chelsea Cardinals.  The field is named after MLB player Russell Martin, who spent part of his childhood in Chelsea.  It was built with the generous support of the Jays Care Foundation and the Municipality of Chelsea.  

Our History

Chelsea is a baseball town with a proud history in the sport that dates back to the last century when the local team won the 1922-23 hardball championship of the Lower Gatineau Valley. The facination with baseball continued through the century as an activity that brought the community together to watch local games.

In more recent years, baseball has gained new popularity.  The Russell Martin Baseball Field was constructed in 2017 and has inspired a new generation of kids to take to the field. Nothing makes them prouder than being able to say that their field is named after Russell Martin, who was once a kid from Chelsea just like them.


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